Friday, November 4, 2011

cut the swag with a fuckin’ knife

The irony of yesterday's massively sold out Childish Gambino show at Terminal 5, was that everyone in attendance had to miss/DVR/download the (pretty hilarious and Donald Glover-heavy) episode of Community that aired last night. But of course, the concert is a non-repeatable experience and I can say pretty confidently now that Camp is going to be an awesome release of 2011. Full of everything you've come to expect from Donald Glover's rap alterego: lots of pop culture references, rapping about girls, and an insane number of asian girl references ("Asian girls everywhere. UCLA.")

This show differed quite a bit from his IAMDONALD tour, mostly in that it was a straight-up concert without any of the comedy bits or video clips. There was an hour-long DJ set by DJ Sosupersam that opened the show, which wasn't bad but also felt way too long. People were mostly into the sections with "Rolling in the Deep" and "Time After Time." Of course, though, Donald Glover stole the show and wove together a solid set of new songs from Camp, stuff from his EP, and some older things. He had seemingly endless amounts of energy and love for NYC.

DJ Sosupersam:

Childish Gambino:

And, a video of a crazy mix of songs he performed, kicking off with the infamous Bitch Look At Me Now (rapping over "Two Weeks"):