Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Apartment Story II

One of the nerdiest things that I do before I move into a new space is measure all of my furniture, and the space, and make a diagram to scale to figure out how I want to arrange everything.  It was especially helpful this time because the apartment is a sort of weird shape with the window area and the fire place jutting out.  This is my proposed layout:

My floorlamp will probably go behind the futon, by the fireplace.  I'll need to get a new nightstand, and I want a cute little end table to tuck into the fireplace.  I'm tossing the coffee table I have now (it's kind of a piece of crap), which has given me a lot of extra space.  

I'm also trying to choose a paint color still.  This blue-green-grey color is what I want to do for the walls, and then the yellow is for the trims, mantel, etc.

And as a parting note, here's a little photo I took of my new subway stop.  Brooklyn Heights!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

apartment story

I finally picked up my keys to the new apartment today after work! I stopped by to size up how much room I'll really have (now that I'm not in a daze from viewing space after space), and take some photos! I'm especially in love with the mantel, the depth of the closet, and the nice old detailing on the walls.

the main space, as seen from the kitchen:

the kitchen:

note the cute mantel!

inside the closet:

bathroom shot:

and...that's pretty much it!  Now just to pick a paint color and move all this stuff on Saturday (both easier said than done!)  Stay tuned, folks.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

away we go

It's official!  I'm moving... Brooklyn Heights with all of its stores and restaurants and things to do! a cute little building that has a name on the front and bike storage and is close to the subway! a cute apartment with a fireplace mantel, a nice kitchen, and a big closet!

I could not be more excited to move!  Or, less enthused to pack... ha.  No, really.  Dear god moving is expensive, it appears, especially when you have a lot of "things" as I tend to.

Here's a sneak peak at my new building:  (I'm still working on getting/taking photos of the actual apartment).

I can go pick up the keys toward the end of this week I believe, so keep your eyes peeled for the first look at the inside before it gets filled with all of my stuff!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

mesclun thoughts

I can move in one month!  As in, my "financial backers" will allow me to overlap my lease starting June 1st (who needs a real job? oh wait, that's me...)!
And now for the debate: where to live? do I value space or awesome location more?  and, exactly how much of my stuff am I willing to toss in order to fit into a new apartment???

To help answer these questions, I began packing today.  This may seem extreme, unless you've ever seen me try to pack and leave a place, in which case you realize that this is oddly sensible.  I already have many things I am willing to part with, many of which are clothing (some come take them away if you want!)  Whenever I start to pack I always think that things are going well and that I don't have as many things as I had thought.  This is ALWAYS wrong, yet I am kindofsortofmaybe falling for the lie yet again.


I regret to say that in my music reassessment, nothing has been as striking as my discovery about Crane Wife.  Some Loud Thunder: still not very good!  Sky Blue Sky: pleasant, but still makes me want to take a nap.


This past weekend was Ana's birthday, and we went to botanica, where I spotted this pair of guys:

I don't know when this blog became about facial hair, really.  But just look at that beard!  And the funny moustache on the guy with the sweater!  Cracks me up everytime...


On a parting note, I am newly loving Discovery...I attribute 90% of this love to it being a side project of Ra Ra Riot, and only 10% to it having something to do with Vampire Weekend.  I've really been in a RRR mood a lot recently.  Check them out if you haven't already!