Tuesday, February 24, 2009

things on fire

February is almost over and is most certainly not going to go out with much of a bang considering that my mom is visiting this weekend. However, March looks promising, as it brings the joy of two awesome concerts that I've been looking forward to: Cut Copy and The Gaslight Anthem.  Both have songs featured on one of my favorite playlists of 2009 thus far:

Things on Fire
  1. "Hearts on Fire" Cut Copy
  2. "Sex on Fire" Kings of Leon
  3. "Night on Fire" VHS or Beta
  4. "Beds Are Burning" Midnight Oil
  5. "Reptilia" The Strokes
  6. "Streets of Fire" The New Pornographers
  7. "London's Burning" The Clash
  8. "This Fire" Franz Ferdinand
  9. "This Heart's on Fire" Wolf Parade
  10. "Fire it Up" Modest Mouse
  11. "Film Noir" The Gaslight Anthem
  12. "We Didn't Start the Fire" Billy Joel

Monday, February 23, 2009

the Oscars are hilarious and touching and sometimes predictable...like a movie

Highlights of the Oscars:

  • Penelope Cruz thanking Pedro Almodovar - cute!
  • "dome arigato mr. roboto..."
  • Heath Ledger's family
  • the tracking of Danny Boyle looking *super* excited allllll night long
  • Meryl Streep constantly looking really amused by having 15 oscar nominations, losing to Kate Winslet, and the editors not showing her when Kate was like "sorry Meryl, you'll just have to deal with it"
  • Sean Penn being adorable and constantly looking like he's going to cry
  • The need to show Angelina Jolie sitting in the audience when Jennifer Aniston was presenting on stage
  • James Franco watching his own performance in Milk

Thursday, February 12, 2009

i want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk

In honor of the impending friday the 13th, followed by Valentine's Day, and the fact that I don't really believe in either one... here is a playlist to bring you down.  Considering that a few years back I made an epic 3-disc mix for my friends for Valentine's Day, and in response one of them told me that "if you think about it, these songs aren't actually that happy" I've decided to just roll with that and choose songs that flat-out are not that optimistic about love or relationships.

The "< / 3 Valentine's Day Mix"
bang on - the breeders
do you know how to feel? - the bell
lover i don't have to love - bright eyes
keep yourself warm - frightened rabbit
cigarettes, wedding bands - band of horses
not your lover - blitzen trapper
look what you've done - jet
poke - frightened rabbit
you can do better than me - death cab for cutie
what's a girl to do? - bat for lashes
good arms vs. bad arms - frightened rabbit
new york i love you - lcd soundsystem
slow show - the national
love's lost guarantee - rogue wave
two beds and a coffee machine - savage garden
let it fall - lykke li
the dress - blonde redhead

Monday, February 9, 2009

i've gone crazy from the moment i met you

I was going to post a playlist, but instead I found this:

I've listened to this song on a loop for roughly 24 hours, and then found this video...and I'm pretty sure I dance like a 15-year-old boy now.  Too bad it's probably inappropriate for me to befriend them.  (1:37-1:52 is the best chunk...but right before that, the tragedy of that kid's dance skills is AMAZING).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

things i heard at Starbucks today

barista at Starbucks: "is this your decaf tall soy latte?"
me: uh...no. (secretly thinking: do I LOOK like someone who would order such a pointless drink??  I am so insulted...)

The guy and girl waiting behind me (he ordered a berry chai):
girl (looking at a sign): Ooh, I wonder what the apple chai is?
guy: yeah, me too!  Maybe I'll get that next time
Seriously?? You ordered a freaking BERRY chai!  What do you THINK the difference is?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(this) fake empire

Last April I had a job interview in which the following question was posed: If you had endless time and endless money, what would you do?

Clearly, the average suck-up job applicant would talk about how they would still do work, and give money to charity, and volunteer their time to various causes, and generally help humanity.  However, I hate that part of the interview, so I chose to tell the truth.  And what came out of my mouth is now #3 on my list of lifetime goals:

I would get an enormous warehouse with a loft and turn the space into an apartment/concert venue/clothing store.  I would spend my endless time both designing the line of clothes and scouting the world for really awesome bands to play at my warehouse.  It would be the perfect melding of everything I want to do with my time: listen to great live music, design, and...live in a warehouse?  Yes.

Possible?  Probably not for one person alone...but someday it could be real.  Until then, all those things I like and think are awesome will be here instead.