Saturday, August 29, 2009

the winner!

Hi guys,

Thanks for voting and sharing your opinion. "A" was the winner, by a decent margin. I tweaked it slightly, to incorporate my name (making the pun more obvious). Here's the final version:

When I get back from Amsterdam, I'll be starting to produce all sorts of stuff to fill the shop! I expect/hope that this will launch in October. For now, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Banner options!

Here are all of my options right now. Vote for your favorites in the poll, above! Thanks, guys.






Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the home office

I missed my first wake-up (the "feed Ken" alarm) this morning, and felt really bad about it. But don't worry, the bunny was fed, and then I kicked myself into gear to do some really good work on a few different projects I have going on. I even decided to get *actually* dressed while I was sewing and working in CS4. In the absence of a full-length mirror, I've taken to self-photography to see what I look like every day. It's probably more reliable, anyway.

My dinner was the crowning jewel of my day: lightly toasted ravioli surrounding a bed of baby spinach with pesto chicken, and marinara on the side. Mm.

The projects I was working on all day were the dress for Rachel's wedding (which is going at a snail's pace because I've been unfocused), and laying the groundwork for an Etsy shop! After weeks of agonizing brainstorming, I have finally settled on a name and a font. Here's the banner I made in Illustrator/Photoshop today - let me know what you think!

Monday, August 24, 2009

you had a busy day today

stealth stalker photo of marc

with the birthday boy!

crowds at Girl Talk

rain clouds approaching & the setting sun

Girl Talk himself

Had a great, somewhat busy weekend! Marc Jacobs sighting on Friday night while I was out with Luiz and Ana, followed by dancing at Mondo. Saturday, Eve came back from Omaha, and a whole group of us went to Tribeca Tavern, Botanica, and then Boiler Room when it was Luiz's birthday after midnight! Sunday I had brunch with Eve and Hope, who was visiting for the weekend w/ her siblings, at Atlas Cafe. Yum! Eve came to meet Ken in his new home, and we watched him explore the kitchen. I had to run out the door, though, because it was free Girl Talk day in Williamsburg!!! After missing the concert at Terminal 5 a few months back due to being sick, I was super excited. The show was great, and we all danced through the rain. He played a bunch of new combinations, as well as interweaving some of his classic mixes -- notably, closing the show with "Tiny Dancer"/Notorious BIG's "Juicy".

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Haaave you met Ken?

Join me in welcoming Ken the bunny to Brooklyn! He is adorable (as you can see), and adjusting to his new abode.

(there is also someone new moving in across the hall...I guess it's a trend)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the dog days of summer

I always feel like August has snuck up on me. And here we are, half way through the last month of summer! It seems like just yesterday that I was compiling my original Summer playlist, and yet here are all these new songs that have joined my rotation:

August 2009

We saw The Drums last Friday, when they played at the Mondo dance party at Don Hills. Such great energy! I had a blast, and was excited to celebrate their EP release.

^The Drums at Don Hills^

I also saw the Freelance Whales a couple of weeks ago, at a ReThink Pop Music event. I'm continually impressed by what I see from them, in spite of the fact that the only way I can listen to them is on their myspace page (or, live!). I believe their album should come out sometime soon...?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Purple (but no) Rain

This weekend was all sorts of fun, and started off in Prospect Park on Thursday night at the Purple Rain screening and singalong. I have never seen so many purple ruffle-front tops in my life! There was a threat of rain that held off, thankfully, so there was just a crowd of singing and a dance party at the end! Amazing.

Friday, August 7, 2009

adventures in our nation's capitol

I finally got my photos from my trip to DC a few weekends ago processed! Here are some highlights:

obligatory panda photo:

the most curious part being why this poster was considered a "station"
(I thought that being in DC called for a nautical/preppy look for the know, as opposed to when I wear this shirt every other day...)

I would not mind having these deer in my apt:

Nikki, Elsbeth, and I decided we'd like to live in this atrium at the National Portrait Gallery

here we are at the launch party for Dan's work
(at a lounge that none of us will ever go back to...)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

a day between rains

I woke up this morning excited that it was going to be beautiful and non-rainy outside. Within the first fifteen minutes of being up, however, I blew the fuse in my apartment by running the air conditioner and my coffee machine at the same time (why this happened today as opposed to every other morning is beyond me). Anyway, I was forced out of my apartment to run to the hardware store because I hadn't bought any replacement fuses yet...a lesson against procrastination duly noted.

On my way back, I picked up a bagel & lox, and had a delicious breakfast sitting in front of my building, while continually dialing my landlord to figure out how to open my fuse box...

This afternoon I took a little trip over to Fort Greene to visit the Brooklyn Flea there. I've been to the Brooklyn Bridge one on Sundays because it's so close, but I knew that there were more vendors in Ft. Greene. I picked up some cute and somewhat needed items: a hook to hang my dustpan on, a yellow-handled cheese grater (with a bottom to catch the cheese!), and this little milk bottle that for now is holding some paint brushes.

Upon returning to my apartment, I discovered some gems in the mail: a pair of vintage black Ferragamo heels that I found online (great deal!), and the invitation to my cousin's wedding in Amsterdam on Sept. 6th. I am *so* excited. I rounded out my afternoon sitting out on my fire escape, finishing Mysteries of Pittsburgh, which Eve had lent to me a while ago.

clockwise from top left: Mysteries of Pittsburgh, milk half pint from the flea market, the fuse I killed, a new Netflix movie to watch(!), and the invitation to my cousin's wedding next month.