Thursday, March 21, 2013

march danceness

Day #2 of "spring" is March Madness if I've ever seen it. Winter, you were a really lame non-starter this year and now your turn is over. Step aside, bro.

I'll have to settle for warming myself up with a little impromptu dance party. You know you want to, too.

+ bonus, not-available-on-Spotify track, which is guaranteed to get stuck in your head:

Saturday, March 9, 2013


...I've been working on a few different projects.

Drawing, checking out the non-headlining bands that will be at Pitchfork this summer (foxygen!)(as will I with several of my friends. super. psyched.), learning (er, trying to learn) HTML and CSS, and making my own Brooklyn quilt. Fun fact: quilting is one of the first ways that I learned to sew! Talk about being a cool kid. Also, my friend and her husband just had their first baby out in Seattle, which is somewhere between exciting and terrifying. We all just sent her this onesie to initiate her into our ol' shabbos-wine-drinking gang:

As part of my quilting process, I've recently gone on a binge of movies I meant to see in theaters last year, but never did. Handquilting is mostly busy work so having something to also watch/listen to is useful if I want to work for a few hours. I've mostly been Netflixing the smaller movies that fall into the sort of quirky-indie-romcom category: Ruby Sparks, Safety Not Guaranteed, The Five Year Engagement, Lola Versus, etc. (but there was also a day spent going down the rabbithole of watching old Arrested Development episodes, which is dangerous on Netflix because the next one just queues up right away). I would most strongly recommend Safety Not Guaranteed or The Five Year Engagement. Ruby Sparks was okay, as long as you don't have a viscerally angry reaction to movies with MPDG character types. Lola Versus has Greta Gerwig, who I love, and was written by the same team as Breaking Upwards (enjoyable / streaming on Netflix), but at times made me feel like I was watching an episode of Girls. Since I already have a strange love-hate relationship with Girls, it left me with a similarly ambivalent feeling.

Today is beautiful, though, so I'm going to go outside and not think about how yesterday it snowed all day and today it's 53 degrees. Then hopefully later my mom will actually get on a flight that takes off and brings her here, as opposed to yesterday when she spent all day at O'Hare including boarding two planes, one of which actually left the gate and got in line to take off before they were told to come back and the flight was canceled. Airlines are a confusing shitshow.