Friday, May 24, 2013

it's been one week, vol. 3

Five years ago this week, I was deep into Senior Week parties and events...and in a couple weeks I'll be off to reunion! Totally crazy.

- I know that the Daft Punk album release was supposedly the BFD this week, but I only listened to half of it and then went back to The National's Trouble Will Find Me (now only $7.99 to download on Amazon!) I'm still a little resentful that the Mercury Lounge show on release day sold out in ~30 seconds (and that I couldn't go to the other two shows they played in teeny venues that day). I guess I'll just have to wait for the (not so teeny) show at Barclay's.
- Today is the 130th birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge! It's still quite a beauty, even though it's getting repaired at the moment. I walked across it with my friends visiting from Chicago two weeks ago, and the repairs feel like they're taking over more and more. The Wall Street Journal has a great slideshow of old photos of the Bridge.

- This week I also belatedly realized that there is a new album out by a perpetual favorite Noah and the Whale: Heart Of Nowhere. It's a great collection of songs, themed around coming of age. They more or less stick to their established sound, which works for me because I don't see the need for everyone to be constantly breaking the mold (a statement which also applies to Trouble Will Find Me).

- Aside from it being Memorial Day weekend, perhaps more importantly it is also the return of Arrested Development via Netflix. There has been quite the onslaught of promos for it, including real life banana stands (sadly not staffed by George Michael). My favorite thing I've seen to prepare for its release is this interactive chart up on NPR's site:

Well, I guess now you know how I'll be closing out the holiday weekend ;-)

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