Sunday, April 25, 2010

the morning benders @ music hall of williamsburg!

Great show Saturday night!  There was some sort of concert fairy godmother that put really short girls in the front row (by really short I mean some even shorter than me) - which really is how things should go more often (ahem tall people).  Second row, therefore, was like a dream.

The Luyas, from Canada (as they often noted), opened the show.  They were fun (and much hyped by the show's organizer, Brooklyn Vegan), and had some really interesting percussion.  Their lead singer had red Toms that matched her guitar, which was adorable.  Her personality toed the fine line between "adorably quirky" and "awkward rambling" but I think they came out on top overall.

Holiday Shores were the 2nd opener, with two substitute musicians from Twin Sister.  While I had never heard (of) them before, their energy was contagious and it was clear that they had some really hardcore fans in the audience who made things really fun.

The Morning Benders are amazing.  The show was fantastic, minus the fact that I was in front of the bass amp and the vocals were hard to hear at times.  Chris Chu is a really great frontman - conversational and responsive to the audience; charming without being remotely sleezy; energetic and overall really friendly.  He polled the audience for people from the bay area (after someone had yelled out San Francisco early on, and he responded with "...bay area" - they're from Berkeley), and people who were going to multiples of their NY shows this week (which sadly I am not).  They threw in "Damnit Anna" for their old school fans, and their new 7inch "Go Grab a Stranger" for the multi-show attendees.  I think what I loved the most was that even after selling out these 3 NY shows (and a bunch of others), they're still really personable and hang out at their own merch table after the show, allowing their fans an opportunity to talk to them and take pictures.


"All Day Day Light" (a personal favorite off Big Echo)

and, some pictures from the show:
(plus my 15-year-old-fangirl moment, in which I told Chris Chu that he's awesome)

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