Thursday, April 29, 2010

mason jar

Across the street from the site of the Brooklyn Flea in Ft. Greene is an enormous old stone building otherwise known as the Brooklyn Masonic Temple.  Built in 1909, it's a really incredible place full of marble staircases and intricate details - many of which sadly are hard to appreciate because the building doesn't get the greatest care these days.  I've had a strange past few weeks bouncing around to different locations, this included, and I will definitely say that it has been the most striking.  I even encountered an HBO film crew setting up for a shoot for something taking place in the 1920's (I think).  While I'm coming up on my one-year anniversary of living in Brooklyn, only recently have I learned about my surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods and met a lot of people who live around me, and subsequently fallen in love with this borough even more.  Photos of the temple below:

exterior shots:

interior shots:
I loved those Emergency Exit lantern-y lights
The bathroom lounge was large and spacious, leading one to believe that the actual bathroom would be somewhat similar.  That thought was wrong.

Today was not my favorite, but I have decided to retain my fledgling optimism so it sees another day.  I'm powering through this week with a one-two punch of Big Echo by the morning benders, and streaming the National's upcoming High Violet, which I am already addicted to.

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