Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weekend Update

Holy cow it's hot out there!  It's been blazing hot for days, including the holiday weekend.  But...that didn't stop it from being fantastically fun and awesome.  There were out-of-town guests which led us to spending a good chunk of the weekend at Rob's uncle's (unoccupied) townhouse apartment.  We had playdates in his cousin's basement playroom (she's 10, and we're just that cool that we had the best time playing with her toys), lounged around their backyard cabana (yes, you read that right), and were endlessly amused by her enormous collection of robotic/animatronic stuffed animals.  I slept in her bed because it was so freaking comfortable.  The moral of this story is that I think I want to be his cousin?

The weekend was otherwise spent out and in large groups (hello, freshmen year), avoiding creepsters*, getting full and sunburnt in the park (picnic on the 4th!) or by the pool (party on the 5th!).  I feel like I have an overwhelming number of anecdotes that made this weekend fantastic, so I'll stop myself here and just say that I hope next year's 4th is equally awesome.

* hey 40-year-old straight men, please don't come to gay bars to find girls with their guards down and then physically push my friends aside to try to dance with me and then lash out at them when try to save me. okthanks.

July 4th picnic in DUMBO, complete with a mason jar full of whiskey mint julep

Love the park, and Tiffany's patriotic ensemble

what happens when you surround Eric with dolls in his sleep and then don't move them before the housekeeper tidies up everyone's rooms: they just love his bunk so much.

this picture sums up our fireworks experience, and Robert's life

I will concede that if the fireworks aren't going to be visible 3 blocks from my apt (why oh why have they moved from the East River???), then I'm glad Luiz lives in a building with such a sweet roof view.

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