Tuesday, July 13, 2010

when I came down the sun poured into me

aka, my super belated post on the Tokyo Police Club & Passion Pit show at Prospect Park

By some miracle I made it to Park Slope in time to catch the end of the Suckers' opening set, and find Tiffany in the crowd before things got too crazy.  We played a few rounds of spot the American Apparel/horrificially dressed concert-goer, which topped off during Passion Pit when we were mauled by some rather tall & tan foreign guys who can only be described as looking like a Hollister ad.  Despite some of the teen drama in the midst (shout out to the pouty 15-year-old girl with her boyfriend next to me! angst!), the bands were great.  It was my first time seeing Tokyo Police Club, and their set was a lot of fun and included some of my favorite songs of theirs, including Favourite Colour off of Champ, and the "oldies" Tessellate and Your English is Good.

I'm amazed by how Passion Pit has toured for so long supporting the same album, considering I saw them last summer opening for Phoenix (though, to their credit, this was a headlining tour).  The crowd ate it up with a spoon and went nuts to (put things lightly) when they busted out Little Secrets.

Basically, summer in NY is the greatest and I have a very deep love for outdoor shows.  I'm excited that the formerlyMcCarrenPool shows are back for another round this summer.  This weekend I will be nursing my depression over not going back to Chicago for Pitchfork, by going down to Coney for Siren Fest.  Not quite the same, but hey - it's free!

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