Sunday, August 8, 2010

they heard me singing and they told me to stop

Sorry for my lack of blogging lately, but I'm back just in time to tell you in depth about how freaking amazing Arcade Fire, Spoon and Owen Pallett were at Madison Square Garden on Thursday.  Like, confetti-falling-from-the-sky amazing (which, it did).  Like, so amazing that David Byrne and Annie Clark (St. Vincent) were there to witness its amazingness, too.  Like, "Wake Up" still giving me chills when I see it performed live, even 5 years later.

The crowds were fairly sparse during Owen Pallett's set, but he was really great and a solid choice to open the show.  Spoon opened with Britt Daniel solo surrounded by a loop of white christmas lights.  Their whole set was pretty light on songs from Transference, but heavy on the enjoyment factor.  They had horns support, including a cameo by Owen Biddle of The Roots.

Arcade Fire brought the house down with each and every song.  The encore was incredible, including confetti during Tunnels, a drum machine failure-induced restart of Sprawl II, and closing a fantastic two-night-stand at MSG with Wake Up.  Regine was a sparkly disco ball, Will Butler was a manic whirl of plaid, and Richard Reed Parry was his usual amazing self but this time decked out in an embellished white jumpsuit.  I'm not sure I could have asked for anything else (oh, except that on Wednesday night they played Half Light II, and replaced it with Empty room on Thursday.  boo hoo.)

Stalker photo: the man in green is David Byrne, and you can see St. Vincent with her arms crossed...

Arcade Fire's set list!!!!

Will Butler on his crazy trek around the stage w/ his drum

confetti raining down

* The whole show was broadcast simultaneously on youtube.  Here is their clip of Sprawl II (the re-start only).  

Seeing Arcade Fire live, is always what makes me connect with their albums - I'm glad I was able to see them so close to the album's release.  I was already really enjoying The Suburbs, but I have a much greater love for "Sprawl II" after the show.


  1. muhmuhmuh i'm miriam and so cool and so cool and so seeing things that are cool and cool.

  2. a. I love the confetti picture
    b. I really like this song!!

    your post almost made me want to go to a concert! ...almost :-) - abr25

  3. The song is there best off the new album. Maybe the best AF song ever?