Thursday, October 14, 2010

nature should take its sweet time

Surprise!  I lost my voice at a housewarming party on Saturday, and here we are Thursday night and I still sound ridiculous.  In the meantime I've honed my non-verbal communication skills and consumed a gross amount of mint tea.  I've also had some time to think about how my blog has taken a slow death lately, but I want to get things going again!  I barely even know where to start...

While I've tried to lay low and save my voice, yesterday a curveball of the best sort came my way.  The odds have prevailed and yesterday afternoon I found out that I won a pair of tickets to see The Thermals play at Irving Plaza!  After a frantic series of texts to find someone that was free, Gabe and I were off to rock out (in silence, for me).  Even though the timing was somewhat ironic (laryngitis + rock concert?, the crowd had an amazing energy and it was a total blast.  A perfect little nugget to lead into CMJ next week (I only have plans to see two official shows, but we'll see what happens).

I've never been a hardcore Thermals fan - they're definitely one of those bands I always like whenever I hear them, and I have random attachments to certain songs, but do I sit around and listen to them?  Not really.  But that may change now!

Here are some awful phone pics that don't particularly represent my levels of fun:
some creepy Furbies hanging out on stage

The opener was supposed to be Cymbals Eat Guitars, who were replaced last-minute by Twin Shadow, who were definitely channeling some New Order up there.  There was a pretty heated comments section on the BrooklynVegan post about the switch.  A little crazier than the average BV snark-fest.

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