Tuesday, June 14, 2011

so fresh and so clean

For over a month it has felt like I've been in a state of perpetual motion. Starting with a new company, looking for apartments/signing/moving/unpacking, and now I am finally starting to settle in. There is still a lot to be done with the apartment, but most things are out of boxes and have a home. Until I manage to get a new couch and frame some of this art, things are more or less how they'll be for good. Thank goodness, because during that stretch of time I had more-or-less sequestered myself into a life of packing and unpacking and trips to Ikea/The Container Store/Bed Bath and Beyond. Now that things are less hectic, I'm getting back into the swing of things, including working on a summer mix.

Over the weekend I (finally!) saw some of my friends and two movies (and, of course, The Dodos concert). I saw Bill Cunningham at IFC (smallest theater I've ever seen!) which was amazing. The man is an icon and so endearing. I also saw Bridesmaids which really was just as funny as everyone told me it would be. I was nervous to see something with so much hype, but all of those ladies knocked it out of the park (and Jon Hamm, who had such a ridiculous character...). We also went to the new-ish home of the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg, which was a little surreal. The entrance is near one of those newer waterfront condos, and it really looked like an architectural mockup of the "outdoor space" with people lounging in the grass, sitting on benches, with dogs and children interspersed. I picked up a bottle of ginger syrup for Morris Kitchen (insanely delicious), and an old 7Up crate that I'm now using as a spice rack:

As a visual reference, this post is being written from this corner of my living room where I've set up camp. Here's a before and after:

 (as you can see, I really need a real couch...I ditched the futon frame during the move, so now I just have the mattress which is looking pretty sad these days).

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