Sunday, June 12, 2011

what I want, what I need

Gauntlet Hair:

The Dodos:

After what feels like a long hiatus, I went to see a show on Friday night. We went to see The Dodos play at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and despite not getting there terribly early, I found myself breezing right up to the stage. Front row!

Gauntlet Hair opened, and while their name is a little silly, their sound was really good and the crowd seemed really into them (we were, too). When the Dodos took the stage, it was just as fantastic as I thought they would be. It was difficult to hear the vocals, probably due to being so close to the stage/the drums, but overall the experience being so close was amazing. The guy behind us realllly wanted them to play Jodi, and he finally got his wish during the encore. I hoped they might play Fables (which is my ringback tone!), but they left that one out. C'est la vie. I love all of their songs, so there was no wrong turn in my book.

Summer is more or less here now, though the weather is still pretty spastic, and the various concert series have kicked off around the city. It seems like the pickings for free shows are sparser than in years past, but I'm still excited for my favorite musical time of year in NYC.

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