Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Apartment Story II

One of the nerdiest things that I do before I move into a new space is measure all of my furniture, and the space, and make a diagram to scale to figure out how I want to arrange everything.  It was especially helpful this time because the apartment is a sort of weird shape with the window area and the fire place jutting out.  This is my proposed layout:

My floorlamp will probably go behind the futon, by the fireplace.  I'll need to get a new nightstand, and I want a cute little end table to tuck into the fireplace.  I'm tossing the coffee table I have now (it's kind of a piece of crap), which has given me a lot of extra space.  

I'm also trying to choose a paint color still.  This blue-green-grey color is what I want to do for the walls, and then the yellow is for the trims, mantel, etc.

And as a parting note, here's a little photo I took of my new subway stop.  Brooklyn Heights!

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