Tuesday, May 5, 2009

mesclun thoughts

I can move in one month!  As in, my "financial backers" will allow me to overlap my lease starting June 1st (who needs a real job? oh wait, that's me...)!
And now for the debate: where to live? do I value space or awesome location more?  and, exactly how much of my stuff am I willing to toss in order to fit into a new apartment???

To help answer these questions, I began packing today.  This may seem extreme, unless you've ever seen me try to pack and leave a place, in which case you realize that this is oddly sensible.  I already have many things I am willing to part with, many of which are clothing (some come take them away if you want!)  Whenever I start to pack I always think that things are going well and that I don't have as many things as I had thought.  This is ALWAYS wrong, yet I am kindofsortofmaybe falling for the lie yet again.


I regret to say that in my music reassessment, nothing has been as striking as my discovery about Crane Wife.  Some Loud Thunder: still not very good!  Sky Blue Sky: pleasant, but still makes me want to take a nap.


This past weekend was Ana's birthday, and we went to botanica, where I spotted this pair of guys:

I don't know when this blog became about facial hair, really.  But just look at that beard!  And the funny moustache on the guy with the sweater!  Cracks me up everytime...


On a parting note, I am newly loving Discovery...I attribute 90% of this love to it being a side project of Ra Ra Riot, and only 10% to it having something to do with Vampire Weekend.  I've really been in a RRR mood a lot recently.  Check them out if you haven't already!

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