Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the home office

I missed my first wake-up (the "feed Ken" alarm) this morning, and felt really bad about it. But don't worry, the bunny was fed, and then I kicked myself into gear to do some really good work on a few different projects I have going on. I even decided to get *actually* dressed while I was sewing and working in CS4. In the absence of a full-length mirror, I've taken to self-photography to see what I look like every day. It's probably more reliable, anyway.

My dinner was the crowning jewel of my day: lightly toasted ravioli surrounding a bed of baby spinach with pesto chicken, and marinara on the side. Mm.

The projects I was working on all day were the dress for Rachel's wedding (which is going at a snail's pace because I've been unfocused), and laying the groundwork for an Etsy shop! After weeks of agonizing brainstorming, I have finally settled on a name and a font. Here's the banner I made in Illustrator/Photoshop today - let me know what you think!

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