Saturday, August 1, 2009

a day between rains

I woke up this morning excited that it was going to be beautiful and non-rainy outside. Within the first fifteen minutes of being up, however, I blew the fuse in my apartment by running the air conditioner and my coffee machine at the same time (why this happened today as opposed to every other morning is beyond me). Anyway, I was forced out of my apartment to run to the hardware store because I hadn't bought any replacement fuses yet...a lesson against procrastination duly noted.

On my way back, I picked up a bagel & lox, and had a delicious breakfast sitting in front of my building, while continually dialing my landlord to figure out how to open my fuse box...

This afternoon I took a little trip over to Fort Greene to visit the Brooklyn Flea there. I've been to the Brooklyn Bridge one on Sundays because it's so close, but I knew that there were more vendors in Ft. Greene. I picked up some cute and somewhat needed items: a hook to hang my dustpan on, a yellow-handled cheese grater (with a bottom to catch the cheese!), and this little milk bottle that for now is holding some paint brushes.

Upon returning to my apartment, I discovered some gems in the mail: a pair of vintage black Ferragamo heels that I found online (great deal!), and the invitation to my cousin's wedding in Amsterdam on Sept. 6th. I am *so* excited. I rounded out my afternoon sitting out on my fire escape, finishing Mysteries of Pittsburgh, which Eve had lent to me a while ago.

clockwise from top left: Mysteries of Pittsburgh, milk half pint from the flea market, the fuse I killed, a new Netflix movie to watch(!), and the invitation to my cousin's wedding next month.

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