Thursday, August 13, 2009

the dog days of summer

I always feel like August has snuck up on me. And here we are, half way through the last month of summer! It seems like just yesterday that I was compiling my original Summer playlist, and yet here are all these new songs that have joined my rotation:

August 2009

We saw The Drums last Friday, when they played at the Mondo dance party at Don Hills. Such great energy! I had a blast, and was excited to celebrate their EP release.

^The Drums at Don Hills^

I also saw the Freelance Whales a couple of weeks ago, at a ReThink Pop Music event. I'm continually impressed by what I see from them, in spite of the fact that the only way I can listen to them is on their myspace page (or, live!). I believe their album should come out sometime soon...?

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