Sunday, May 2, 2010

exceptional fast food and exceptional dance moves

This weekend was surprisingly busy and diverse, and I accomplished a lot of the little goals I've set for myself lately.  I saw FSAD friends that I don't see very much, went to the Ft Greene Flea and got a People's Pop on a 90 degree day, went back to the beer garden in Astoria (the older one, not the sushi-serving new one), had an awesome dance party, and even clocked some mostly painless hours for work. 

raspberry basil People's Pop popsicle, you were delicious

Aside from the popsicle, which I've had a rather long-standing quest to eat after being thwarted last year by the Martha Stewart Show film crew, I also had the most delicious apple-ginger soda, and found someone who was selling Stroopwafels, which are these delicious Dutch cookies made with waffle-y wafer cookies with caramel in the middle.  I've never seen them in the U.S. and a month ago I just ate my last pre-packaged one that I took from Amsterdam.  Exciting times!

Also, I saw the above house(?) in Ft Greene while I was walking around, and its porch seemed so un-NY that I felt inclined to take a photo.  Brownstones are beautiful, but after a while they sort of blend together, and I loved how far back these houses were set from the road.  It was like momentarily stepping into a totally different place.

On Saturday, amongst many other activities, my friends also showed me a lot of Autotune the News.  Which is hilarious/somehow I totally missed its existence.  And I'm sharing one of my favorites with you:

Other, non-autotuned news:
* Saturday night I was coming off the subway at Delancey-Essex, and someone called out my name.  It was a girl I went to high school with who I haven't seen since then.  SO bizarre.  Apparently she lives up in Harlem and goes to Columbia.  I really never run into people I know, much less people I knew over 5 years ago and not at all in the interim...
* I'm clearly unlucky in choosing services to embed songs into this blog, because now Lala is disappearing on May 31st, much like all of my imeem playlists disappeared into the void of myspace a while back. Sigh.  Someone out there in the world either wants to make my life difficult, or is unintentionally encouraging illegal music file sharing.

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  1. i love everything in this entry from people's pops to stroopwafels to autotune the news. yay!- abr25