Monday, May 9, 2011

like glue holding each of us together

I have been sucked into a wormhole of design blogs and heart-ing things on Tumblr and Pinterest. It's an endless loop gluing me to the internet. The problem with these kinds of blogs, as opposed to music blogs, is that when you see something you like it is generally much more difficult to acquire it. It fills my head with ideas about large-scale projects and DIYs and redecorating (and just generally lusting after architecturally amazing places that will never be mine). When I find something I like on a music blog, I can download it or re-stream it a million times until I've been satisfied.

The rest of my free time has been spent trolling Craigslist and realty agency websites, toying with the idea of moving. So far all I've learned is that I probably have a good thing going here, even if sometimes it seems like my apartment wants to fall apart at the seams and my buzzer ringing is going to give me a heartattack one day. If I do stay, I have a lot of plans for how to make this space less cluttered. It unfortunately involves buying some new things (shelves, etc) but that's still cheaper than the painstaking process of moving so I guess I'd come out on top.

I'm less than a week away, though, from (hopefully!) buying a new bike. I really hope something catches my eye at the Jumble this weekend - so many of the images that have burned themselves into my brain this past week have been of bikes and cute things related to them:

[images via: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

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