Tuesday, February 24, 2009

things on fire

February is almost over and is most certainly not going to go out with much of a bang considering that my mom is visiting this weekend. However, March looks promising, as it brings the joy of two awesome concerts that I've been looking forward to: Cut Copy and The Gaslight Anthem.  Both have songs featured on one of my favorite playlists of 2009 thus far:

Things on Fire
  1. "Hearts on Fire" Cut Copy
  2. "Sex on Fire" Kings of Leon
  3. "Night on Fire" VHS or Beta
  4. "Beds Are Burning" Midnight Oil
  5. "Reptilia" The Strokes
  6. "Streets of Fire" The New Pornographers
  7. "London's Burning" The Clash
  8. "This Fire" Franz Ferdinand
  9. "This Heart's on Fire" Wolf Parade
  10. "Fire it Up" Modest Mouse
  11. "Film Noir" The Gaslight Anthem
  12. "We Didn't Start the Fire" Billy Joel

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