Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(this) fake empire

Last April I had a job interview in which the following question was posed: If you had endless time and endless money, what would you do?

Clearly, the average suck-up job applicant would talk about how they would still do work, and give money to charity, and volunteer their time to various causes, and generally help humanity.  However, I hate that part of the interview, so I chose to tell the truth.  And what came out of my mouth is now #3 on my list of lifetime goals:

I would get an enormous warehouse with a loft and turn the space into an apartment/concert venue/clothing store.  I would spend my endless time both designing the line of clothes and scouting the world for really awesome bands to play at my warehouse.  It would be the perfect melding of everything I want to do with my time: listen to great live music, design, and...live in a warehouse?  Yes.

Possible?  Probably not for one person alone...but someday it could be real.  Until then, all those things I like and think are awesome will be here instead.

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