Monday, February 23, 2009

the Oscars are hilarious and touching and sometimes a movie

Highlights of the Oscars:

  • Penelope Cruz thanking Pedro Almodovar - cute!
  • "dome arigato mr. roboto..."
  • Heath Ledger's family
  • the tracking of Danny Boyle looking *super* excited allllll night long
  • Meryl Streep constantly looking really amused by having 15 oscar nominations, losing to Kate Winslet, and the editors not showing her when Kate was like "sorry Meryl, you'll just have to deal with it"
  • Sean Penn being adorable and constantly looking like he's going to cry
  • The need to show Angelina Jolie sitting in the audience when Jennifer Aniston was presenting on stage
  • James Franco watching his own performance in Milk

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