Thursday, March 26, 2009

and i will hang my head, hang my head low

After a few different conversations with Ana about "least favorite" albums of artists that we generally like, I proclaimed that the Crane Wife was my least favorite Decemberists album, and she agreed with me.  Granted, I had listened to it maybe two times when it first came out, was not instantly in love, and pretty much wrote off the entire thing.  I've been thinking about this a lot recently, as many subsequent people who heard about this have given passionate arguments as to why the Crane Wife might actually be their best album.  And so, I'm going back and re-listening and re-considering all of the "bad" albums of some of my favorite bands.  Albums that I had highly anticipated and did not love when they were first released.  I'm hoping to walk away with new revelations (and favorites?)

First up: The Crane Wife, The Decemberists (2006)

I've listened to it twice this week, all the way through.  And I must say off the bat that I was wrong.  It's really quite beautiful, both musically and as a cohesive unit of story-telling.  The opening to "Crane Wife 3" is fantastic, making me sad that I've been missing this for years now...

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