Monday, March 23, 2009

if things go crazy, she's lost herself and lost to you

Saturday night Ana and I went to see Cut Copy and Matt & Kim play at Terminal 5! The show was great. I saw Matt & Kim last year up at Cornell playing to a crowd of under 100 in a Harry Potter-esque dining hall. Needless to say, this venue was *way* larger, but they did a really good job of rising to the occasion for their supporting gig on this tour.

Cut Copy opened with "Hearts of Fire" which is one of my favorites, and clearly then closed with "Lights and Music" which was fantastic if not predictable.  A somewhat unexpected highlight of the show for me was the energy during "Out There On The Ice".  Also, we had a great view of the guy running the lights for Cut Copy and he was amazing in and of himself--dancing and clearly in love with what he does.

sorry these photos camera battery died and I had to resort to using my sad sad little phone.  But, check out this video someone else took of the opening song:

Also, side note: the guys in Cut Copy further my growing belief that I dance like an Australian boy...

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