Tuesday, March 3, 2009


In honor of my mom's visit last weekend:

mom-proofing your apartment vs. baby-proofing your house

mom-proofing (in the case of me):
  • finding a place to put 42 empty beer bottles that I still want to take to refund my bottle deposit (it's $2, whatever)
  • making photos of my family (namely her) more prominent
  • the flipside to this is hiding "incriminating" photographs, including my favorite polaroid of eric and robert
  • attempting to hide anything that might start a conversation (failed attempt. she will always find something to comment on: why did you move the rolling rack with your fancy dresses on it? because i felt like it... oh, is that your bike? do you ride it? not in the winter... i see you've rearranged your furniture. wow, you have eyes etc.)
  • concealing 50% of the contents of my bathroom because she clearly always has something to say about the things I use
I think about all of this effort in preparation for a 2-day visit, and feel obliged to compare it to what she must have had to do before I showed up:

  • eliminating sharp corners
  • blocking off electrical plugs, cords, etc.
  • using those gates to block off the stairs
Ok...it turns out, I don't know very much about baby-proofing an apartment...I'll just assume that I did more. ha.

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  1. haha i LOVED that post.and um, clearly she got the better end of the deal. look how cute you were! and you didn't talk- that's key :-p MISS YOU!