Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chicago vs. NY, round 2

I've been back from my trip to Chicago for a few days now, and am settling back into my routine (if you can call it that right now...). Today, though, was a definite "win" day for NYC!

Eve, Ana and I went to the Animal Care and Control of NY up on 110th St to check out their bunnies up for adoption. The cutest one by far was one that Eve had noticed online earlier this week, named Ken. Here he is:

He is just SO cute in person. About 3.5 pounds, and very adorable. He enjoys being pet on the head, and is only mildly destructive towards cardboard. Right now he has a small eye infection, which is being checked out at the vet tomorrow. I'm hoping that he recovers soon so that I'll be able to adopt him!

After our bunny field trip, we crossed town along 110th over to Miss Mamie's Spoonbread Too, a delicious outpost of soul food. I am pretty much obsessed with soul food -- oddly so considering I'm from Chicago -- and this restaurant did not disappoint! I had their bbq chicken with mac and cheese and cornbread stuffing. Plus, my lemonade was served in a jar! Picture perfect.

As of now the score stands: Chicago 1, NY 1

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