Sunday, July 19, 2009

new projects

While clearly varied in topics, if anything this is not a fashion blog--even though I work in fashion, and it's my blog--nor has it even touched upon this topic, really. However, I've been getting back into sewing lately, after about a year's hiatus (post-graduation), and I'm quite fond of all the things I've worked on. A lot of it has just been altering some vintage dresses, and hemming things to a short-person-appropriate length.

One of my favorite projects so far is this top, which I made to wear on the 4th of July (I made the skirt as well, and it has become a staple of my summer wardrobe):

here's a close-up:
I was originally inspired by this photo I saw on Sartorialist:
Post-4th of July, I noticed a similar vibe popping up all over the Internet (or maybe it's just all the extra time I've spent online...), namely:

I guess I accidentally have fallen into a trend? Oh well. It was a pretty easy top to make, and it was great for the 4th!

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