Thursday, July 30, 2009

video roundup

I don't particularly consider myself to be one of those people who watch a lot of youtube videos, but there have been a handful in the last couple of weeks that I've really enjoyed, for various reasons:

1) The reason I think it's legit to want a pet polar bear, despite their *supposed* human-eating tendencies (ignore the German newscaster and wait it out for the shots of Knut):

2) I stumbled across the new Miike Snow video for their song "Burial". I had more or less ignored Miike Snow all summer until this point, mostly because I thought that the double "i" was obnoxious. However, the visuals in the first half of the video are really nice. (The whole thing is almost compromised by the ridiculousness of having their rabbit with antlers thing in it at the end, but it's still alright)

3) Ali sent me this video which is super adorable, and the song is quite catchy, too! I especially love the bike dancing at the end :)

4) And, lastly, if you haven't seen the "JK Wedding Dance" video - it's amazing. It single-handedly is responsible for getting a Chris Brown song stuck in my head for 4 straight days.

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