Sunday, November 8, 2009

small highlights of the weekend

I have a Netflix subscription that I often forget about for weeks at a time--usually until I get my monthly payment withdrawn from my bank account and suddenly realize that I've had the same DVD for an entire month without watching it. This weekend was one of those times. According to Netflix, I've had this copy of Jules and Jim since the end of September. Oops. So after watching it and sending it back in the mail, I remembered to check what was going to be coming next in my queue, which only led to me spending the next several hours looking at what was available for streaming.

...All of this is what led me to watch the first season of This American Life. As a fan of the radio version--and Ira Glass in general--I surprisingly had never watched the show, minus one episode that was on the flight from Amsterdam to Chicago. I was very pleased to find this funny little excerpt available to share, as it was one of my favorite parts:

I know, beards are not the same as mustaches, but I bet you could make a similar "chart"...

Also, this weekend I fell in love with this pair of slippers, went out and bought them, and have more or less lived in them (while in the apartment) ever since. They have this inexplicable quality of making me giggle every time I look down at my feet. I feel like I should be in a cozy ski cabin instead of watching This American Life on my futon...

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