Monday, January 11, 2010

Fleas don't hibernate

The winter home of the Brooklyn Flea is at 1 Hanson Place in an old bank building. It's a really interesting place to hold something as extensive as the Flea, and there are definitely positives and negatives. The space itself is beautiful (as you can see above), but clearly its layout was not intended for that type of foot traffic. Some doorways and stairwells were narrow, and some booths were in awkward places. Overall, though, it lent a fun, different feeling to the Flea for the winter. The food is in the basement, which is also the old vault - it still has the old doors:

(left: vault doors; right: aerial view of the main floor)

^ Fun display finds at the Flea. I especially liked the rollerskates (really heavy!), wooden duck (too expensive), and the fact that this was only one of many buck busts. And there were also several sellers with vintage seltzer bottles. Interesting trends.

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