Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Energy @ Brooklyn Bowl

Last night we went to Brooklyn Bowl to see Free Energy play for the wallet-friendly price of $5. It's an interesting sort of venue - with people actually bowling throughout the concert, picnic tables with people eating dinner, and various screens everywhere (in this case showing the Haiti relief telethon). I had only heard a couple (literally two) of their songs before going to this show, which they played back-to-back to close the set ("Free Energy" and "Something in Common"). Their aesthetic can only be described as "we couldn't look more casual if we tried", but it works for them. They played to the fact that all but one band member has long hair, with a lot of movement and energy (this is basically the only photo I got in which someone was standing still long enough to come out with a clear shot).

Overall: enjoyable show, but the venue was really distracting.

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