Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a reminder that someday spring will come

H&M just announced the launch of a "Garden Collection" for spring, full of girly dresses, floral prints, and nice, neutral staples. The "wow" factor really comes when you find out that the entire collection is made of a variety of sustainable materials. I was really excited when I saw the announcement today (via Refinery29), and it instantly brought up memories of my big New Year's resolution back in 2008 (when I wanted to only buy new clothing if it was sustainably manufactured), and the class I took that last semester of college that spoke at length about the possibilities of mainstreaming environmentally-friendly apparel that both a) looks good, and b) is at an affordable price point. Regarding these factors, I think that H&M has done a solid job, at least from looking at the photos. They're also using materials beyond organic cotton, including recycled polyester from PET bottles. It will be interesting to see how the clothes are in person, and the quality of the fabrics that they're using.

All images via H&M's lookbook - the collection will be in stores at the end of March!

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