Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Lately, so many of the things I'm loving are French.  And it just so happens to be Paris couture fashion week - talk about timing!

Armani Prive couture (via

Charlotte Gainsbourg, IRM: I never spent much time thinking about Charlotte Gainsbourg, quite truthfully, until last week when I decided to stream her album on NPR First Listen.  Then I streamed it two more times that afternoon.  The whole thing is a really well-made collaboration with Beck, with beautiful, sweet, and catchy moments.  The opening track, "Master's Hands," really shows the influence that Beck had.  I'm especially fond of "Time of the Assassins" which I have listened to more times than I can count at this point, and the spunk of "Trick Pony."

Garance Dore: the incredibly charming voice behind a blog of the same name; one half of the cutest possible street style photography couple.  I love her photos, sketches, and little footnotes at the bottoms of her posts.  She posted this video in November of her in action:

YSL Parisienne: This perfume just brought my YSL love up to a new level.  It's amazing, I might just spend non-existent money and buy it. 


  1. I completely adore France haha. Music, clothes, people!

  2. how do you know it's amazing if you don't own it? im in the market for new perfume. also, france rocks- duh. I've been trying to tell you that for years. -abr25

  3. All French things that I love, too!