Tuesday, February 23, 2010

how the Olympics sucked away all of my time and motivation

It's amazing, the more hours per day that I sit here and watch the Olympics, the less active I become, and thus fall into a pit of laziness.  Between displaying an unprecedented amount of nationalism (Vonn! White! Ohno! Bode!) while watching almost every sport that the Vancouver games have to offer, and poring over the A/W 2010 ready-to-wear collections, I essentially have no free time*. 

Now it is supposedly going to rain all week, further prompting me to hole up and never see the light gray of day.  I can only hope that somewhere amongst all of this hermit-ness (and the fact that there are only two more figure skating events...), I will also finish a project or two.  Fingers crossed.

In my moments of social behavior, these were some of my findings.  They include two red hats, and some orange objects:

beer & sandwiches, consumed at Bierkraft
warming the antlers of a deer (buck?) at The Bell House. Now it matches La Chouffe.
 a ball I stole wound up with from SPiN, accompanied by a giraffe from Maracas

* I have in fact debated going to meet friends in the past week & a half because there was going to be figure skating on (it was the men's free skate! Evan Lysacek!) -- don't worry, I actually went out that day...and watched the competition on the TVs at the bar...

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