Monday, February 8, 2010

tourist in your own town

Have you ever seen one of those large coach buses driving around New York giving tours based off of a TV show/movie?  I know they've been around for ages, but I rarely actually encounter them in places that I go...until last Friday.  As Eve and I sat in the "cupcake-eating" park (on Bleecker, near Magnolia), we realized that: a) a tour bus was parked on Bleecker; b) there were people taking photos in front of Marc by Marc Jacobs & Magnolia; c) they were 95% women.  In short, we were surrounded by a Sex and the City tour group (as well as well over a dozen pigeons because of the cupcakes) -- and we got the hell out of there.

 (did I mention that this cupcake saves lives? because it does. $1 went to Haiti relief)

However, the other places we went also ride that fine line of being touristy and being delightfully New York.  Papaya King (the original!) on the UES, the Met, and Lexington Candy Shop.  I had my first papaya dog, and "best lemonade in NYC."  To sum up, on Friday I ate: a cupcake, a hot dog, lemonade, and a tuna melt.  What a healthy day. ;)
enjoying my first ever Papaya dog

this bird was pretty intense, much more so than my attempt

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