Sunday, May 9, 2010

the one where Ana turns 24

This weekend was full of fun and celebrations (and less work than I thought!).  Friday was Slope Day, not that any of us went up for it.  Instead we had a fake NYC version in which we sang songs that were popular when we were in junior high and ate fried pickles (surprisingly not as terrible as they sound).  Saturday was Ana's birthday party.  Dinner at Madiba, drinks and fun times at Botanica.  The bartenders are finally on my good side, because not only were they super prompt, but I'm pretty sure that I was only charged for 2 of the drinks that I ordered.  Excellent.

enjoying some delicious durban bunny chow @ Madiba
I'm starting to think this looks more appetizing in the dim lighting of Madiba
friends! botanica!

PS - happy Mother's Day to my mother who god-willing will never read my blog.

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