Tuesday, May 18, 2010

we could pull another weekender

I'm exhausted (in a good way!) after a long weekend of balancing more activities than I'd normally have all week.  Nikki and Dan were here from DC!; so was Eve!; work, a concert, a play, and a birthday party.  I've eaten and drank and sat in the sun and spent a crazy amount of time running around (I don't even want to think about how many times I walked between the York St F train/DUMBO and my apartment).  But it was all great, and I wish that everyone could live here all the time!

Friday: work, promenade and dinner with Nikki and Dan, seeing As You Like It with them up near Columbia, shooting downtown to stop by Gabe's birthday party.  Saturday afternoon after work was spent sitting in Bryant Park enjoying the beautiful weather and sipping some pink lemonade with Eve and John, followed by The National concert at BAM, and a stint at the Library.  Sunday brunch was in DUMBO at Superfine, to the tune of a bluegrass band and some decent huevos rancheros.  Dinner included sharing a bunch of food at Cafe Himalaya which was incredibly affordable and delicious, followed by a drink and some pool playing at Mona's.  As if I hadn't eaten enough, Monday I had my last meal with Nikki and Dan at Momofuku Noodle Bar.  They aren't kidding about those noodles being spicy.  Wowza.

I love friends and plans (and even work), but it will be nice to have a less hectic schedule for the next few weekends.  I need a breather before Ali(!) comes at the beginning of June.

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