Friday, May 28, 2010

2 years out

Memorial Day weekend became a whole new thing two years ago, because it also became graduation weekend.  My parents and I drove to NYC on Memorial Day of 2008 to start looking for an apartment, and it was the end of my days in Ithaca.

This dose of sentimental nostalgia was brought up early this year, with the release of "Graduation Song" by the duo Kinetics & One Love - otherwise known as two Cornell grads who are also behind the BoB/Paramore/Eminem song "Airplanes."  Interlaced with references to Ithaca/Collegetown, it took several listens to unearth them all, but my favorite is still "I miss you more than I used to miss my 8:40" - not that I *ever* signed up for an 8:40am class.  I could barely do the 9:05 classes in my schedule.  (I still have yet to regularly need to show up anywhere before 9am...since high school).

Check out/download the song here:

I've also recently been asked with some frequency, how long I've been in NYC.  It still seems weird to say that it's been about 2 years.  Time flies.

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