Thursday, June 3, 2010

I haven't forgotten about Memorial Day

I am so behind in re-capping the deliciously wonderful Memorial Day that I had on Monday!  It was also my last day before the big, bad world of working every day at 9am(!) - I guess I'm a grown-up now or something.

I hosted a small brunch party - I made corn-blueberry pancakes, biscuits, and spinach-egg-halloumi-stuffed baked tomatoes.  People brought over bagels, fruit, champagne, and daisies!  I bought my produce at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturday, which was the first time I had gone there w/ the intention of actual grocery shopping.  All of the things I got were insanely delicious and fresh, and not expensive at all.

Post-brunch was spent in the park under the Manhattan bridge, first eating ice cream from Jacques Torres w/ Luiz and Nick, and then I was joined by my lucky friend/(now)former co-worker who lives rightthere on Main St.

It was beautiful out for 90% of the day, but I made it home right before the rain started to pour out of the sky - lucky me. :-)

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