Wednesday, June 23, 2010

(Jenny +) Johnny be good

It's remarkable how versatile Jenny Lewis can be.  Her solo project is already quite different than Rilo Kiley, and her newest side project Jenny and Johnny almost makes her sound like a completely different person.  I'm enjoying the free download that they're floating around ("Scissor Runner") - it's a peppy summer number  full of jingle-jangle.  On some level, I wish I heard a little more of the raw, soulful twang that I love about Jenny Lewis's voice (see: Moneymaker, Breakin' Up, etc).  That being said, I like this collaboration and the fact that the sound is so different (because really what's the point in having a side project that sounds exactly like your other band???)  And maybe she sounds happy rather than soul-crushed because she's singing with her boyfriend - just a thought.

If you, too, have a huge girl crush on Jenny Lewis and haven't heard the song yet, I highly suggest you go download it:

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