Monday, June 28, 2010

Your Biggest Fan

Saturday night was the last time that Voxtrot will ever grace the stage as a unified band.  I'm really glad that I went to the show - they were spot on, and you could feel that everyone in the audience was having a collective moment.  They were one of the first buzz-bands I ever latched onto in my early blog-reading days, and I saw them on a hot summer day in '06 (the first summer I ever lived in NY!)  Their set included some of their best EP staples, and some songs off of their actual album.  There were dedications to individual friends and family members, fans who were with them from the start, and anyone who has ever loved Voxtrot.  I'm sad that they're breaking up, but glad to have been there for their final moments - and to have snagged such a close-up spot.

Their opening bands were alright, but clearly not even the point of being at the show.  We missed The Black, and enjoyed YellowFever (also from Austin, and featuring the female voice of any Voxtrot song with a girl in it).  Ravens and Chimes was another story, as none of us could get over the fact that for some unknown reason they sing with English accents and were clearly American.  We definitely made some enemies in our vicinity with our side comments...but really?

Here are some photos I shot, and a few of the videos I managed to take before my camera died mid-encore:

Yellow Fever

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