Saturday, June 26, 2010

wrapped up in books

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If you're unfamiliar with Textbook, it's a great tumblr with a regular feature re-outfitting fiction/historical characters in modern high fashion.  I loved these posts, and more recently a pair of Harry Potter series characters (Bellatrix and Fleur).  

Speaking of books, I'm still moseying along through Consider the Lobster while I ride the train every day.  All of Wallace's observations and anecdotes are both highly amusing and nicely insightful.  Even if I feel like a bit of a nerd reading essays on topics like proper usage of American English, or really just reading things with extensive footnotes while on a lurching subway ride, there are a million little asides that I want to highlight except then I really would be a huge nerd.  Especially the article from Rolling Stone in which he followed the McCain campaign back in 2000.  That's right - when he didn't  even win the party nomination, in the no one had heard of Sarah Palin yet world (oh how I miss that world).  The essay was pretty long, and it was like stepping into a timewarp where McCain was the "cool" candidate that related well to young voters, and Mark Sanford was still a well-respected politician you'd want backing you up in S. Carolina.  Crazy talk! 

...I think my next summer read might have to be a little more light and fluffy.

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