Monday, June 21, 2010

Saturday was good to me (part 2)

I was so excited to hear that the Freelance Whales and morning benders were going to be playing a free show at Governor's Island, and then had a small freakout moment of disappointment when I realized that it fell on the same Saturday as the Mermaid Parade.  but! the stars aligned, and I was able to do both, quite easily in fact.  Liz, Tim and I left Coney Island together and made the trek from the F over to Pier 6 in Brooklyn to catch the special concert ferry.  If that place was at capacity, then I will really enjoy going to this concert series because it was a very comfortable number of people.  There was space to sit in the sand, picnic tables/benches to eat dinner, and then a non-sandy part in front of the stage (thank god, I really don't like sand...).  The space itself is run by the Water Taxi Beach, so they offer the same food, and have the same neon palm tree decor.

The vibe was really friendly and laid back (whereas I find the Waterfront/formerlyMcCarrenPool shows to be sort of stressful).  While we were in line for food, Chris Chu and Julian Harmon of the morning benders kept passing by (I believe they had just bought some kielbasa).  I was not a super-creep and did not go running after them, because hey - they've gotta eat and chill out a little before their set!

We pretty much missed Wild Nothing, the opening band, because we were in line for food/eating that whole time.  We got some pretty good spots just before Freelance Whales came out (read: behind some short people).  I realized that this was my third(and a half) time seeing them, and there was a definite difference.  They're clearly more comfortable up on stage, but I could also sense a bit of fatigue as this was the end of a pretty long tour.  Regardless, they were just as entertaining as the other times that I've seen them.  Morning benders were also great, and it really has not been very long since Ana and I saw them at MHoW.  This time they threw in a few covers (Fleetwood Mac and Joy Division), which actually suited them quite well.  We cut out a little early to get in line for the ferry, so we were off to the side during their final songs.  I was pretty sad to miss them up close, but it was a much more practical decision for us.

southernmost portion of Brooklyn Bridge Park, near Pier 6 - so nice!
Freelance Whales

morning benders
morning benders

a very blurry view of Brooklyn (both bridges, and the red light is the Watchtower sign)
on the ferry, leaving the show...I still don't know what this structure is

On a side note, this was the first time I went to Governor's Island, and it was beautiful.  I definitely want to go back on a day when I'm not speed walking to or from a ferry, and really see what they have going on there.

(I totally thought that I posted this already, but I found it in my drafts folder. Oops.)

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