Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Greetings from Maui!
(please don't hate me!)

driving to Kapalua

roadside view

I made a friend while having my coffee this morning!

The view from our room

Poolside, day 1

In our first full day in Maui (Kapalua to be more specific), we have enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine, but have not actually done a whole lot. I went running and to the pool; my mom went for a walk and to the pool; my dad took a walk down to the beach and attempted to do some snorkeling (he was only somewhat successful as the current kept knocking him over). We just returned from dinner at Merriman's, a mostly local/sustainable/farm-to-table type restaurant, which was excellent.

Tomorrow we are going whale watching(!) and then... who knows. Stay tuned!

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