Monday, December 28, 2009

chickens and cakes

We're at the airport in Honolulu, waiting to fly back to Chicago! While not ideal for birthday revelry, this week has been pretty great so it's hard to complain.

One of the greatest parts of any trip (especially family vacations) is an excess of tasty food -- mm. This one was filled with lots of Hawaiian local specials (i.e. macademia nuts in everything, pineapples, and Kona coffee), and other great stuff:

mini mocha souffles!

organic chicken and fingerling potatoes (Christmas Eve dinner)

Pineapple-rum cake with lavender-vanilla bean ice cream and sauteed pineapple

warm chocolate cake with vanilla coulis (and a santa!)

...and finally, my last meal of being 23: fried chicken and waffles

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