Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yesterday I volunteered for an event, setting up a shopping party and assembling a gazillion giftbags. After over an hour of staring at the same items, their ridiculousness started to overwhelm me. They're all from a site that I had never heard of previously ( See them below:

^ Because more people need a reason to think it's ok to pee on the street.

Several hours later, I'm still not sure what this is. I think it's a "comic book".

This gum was amusing for half a second. By the time I got to the bottom of the box I wanted to cry a little bit, and wondered what people would think of giftbags containing these things.

I cannot possibly explain how ugly these cuffs are. I seriously cannot imagine wearing any of these things on my wrist...they're make of polypropylene! And quite frankly this was a Fashion event, and I can't imagine anyone attending it would want one of these things either.

(I'd like to note that there were some good things that went into these bags, but unfortunately they were not in my part of the assembly line.)

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