Wednesday, March 17, 2010

eat your way through the Bay

I'm fairly certain we ate our way through the weekend.  Here's a play-by-play

Gracias Madre - organic, vegan Mexican food.  Way more delicious than it should have been (considering I'm not into vegan food normally).  I had tacos that were filled with asparagus and butternut squash.  mm.  Their salsa and guacamole were also really good.

In-N-Out Burger - there are about 18 photos that Maddie took chronicling my first trip to In-N-Out.  It was everything I dreamt of and more ;-)

La Note - we had breakfast/brunch at this cute French restaurant in Berkeley.  On Maddie's recommendation I had a lemon-gingerbread pancake with poached pears and blueberries, and it was AMAZING.  I love gingerbread!  Everything was great, I was stuffed to the max.

Cheeseboard - It was an excellent day to go to this Berkeley staple, because the pizza of the day was tomato, onion, mozzarella, pesto and pine nuts.  So so good.  We ate 2 pies.

On Saturday we drove out to Davis for some pre-St. Patty's Day fun, including this feast-like lunch made by our friend Kait.  She made 4(!) loaves of Irish soda bread, and a lot of corned beef and cabbage.  It was all really good, and prepared us well for our evening in Sacramento on a St. Patrick's Day bar crawl.  We eventually came back to Davis for a late dinner and grabbed whatever we could (which wound up being sandwiches at Beach Hut, and pizza and Uncle Vito's).

Bakesale Betty - Online it said that they close at 3, and according to the clock in Maddie's room it was almost 2.  So we hopped in the car and half way there we realized that it had been Daylight Savings, and was by then after 3.  But we went anyway, and thank god, because it was still open and we ate the best food of the entire weekend.

They have really amazing fried chicken sandwiches, overflowing with a slaw made with some sort of vinaigrette.  I also bought a ginger cookie, that had actual pieces of ginger in it (sooo good), and a lemonade.  We sat outside at one of their ironing board tables and ate and ate and ate.  The longer we sat there, the more food we got.  Why? Because they were closing and were giving away the excess desserts that they had inside, so we wound up with 2 extra slices of pumpkin pie, 2 extra strawberry shortcakes, and a lemon bar.  The pumpkin pie was delicious and the crust is really quite good.  Ali was in love with the strawberry shortcake and says that it's the best she's ever had.  That's quite the recommendation.

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  1. La Note: Best breakfast in Berkeley
    Cheeseboard: Best pizza in Berkeley.