Thursday, March 11, 2010

Up in the air

I am writing this post from however many feet in the air they fly planes these days*.  Clearly I am very knowledgeable on this topic.  My dad is one of those flying geeks that actually would know, because he would be listening in to the channel that the pilots talk on.  He's George Clooney in Up in the Air, but without the commitment issues, and not nearly that many travel days per year.  But still a lot.  I was raised to be a very efficient traveler, and to sadly echo many of the frequent traveler sentiments (distaste for people who go through security slowly, having to wait in lines, etc).  As a series of commercials has told me, Up in the Air came out on DVD this week, leading me to believe that it would probably be shown on this flight.  I was right.  I hadn't seen it yet, (though my dad talked about wanting to see it endlessly while we were in Hawaii, and then he did. Great anecdote, I know...) so I was pretty pleased.  Solid on all fronts, though I can see how other films might have managed to (read: did in fact) edge it out of winning an Oscar.  Not that I actually saw most of the Oscar nominated films or anything (except for Up...and now also Up in the Air - and coincidentally I saw both of them on airplanes).

I am not quite half way through this flight to San really drives home the fact that the USA is freakishly large.  I'm pretty sure I could fly to certain locales in Europe for this amount of flight time.  But it's all worth it because I'm positive that this weekend is going to be really freaking fantastic - I'll be with a large assortment of my friends, including the two friends that I lived with all 4 years of college.  We have not all been in the same place since Homecoming in the fall of 2008, which seems like eons ago!  Stay tuned for lots of Bay Area adventures to be recounted.

* Internet on airplanes?! Awesome!  (expensive...but cost/hour is not terrible on a flight this long...and this connection speed is not bad - I don't imagine too many people are actually taking advantage of this).

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